Personal Branding the Howard Stern Way

In the book Stern Rules, I spend a great deal of time talking about the tools and tactics that Howard Stern has used to develop his personal brand and what you can do to help build your own using online marketing tactics.

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Howard spent more than thirty years in radio building a brand that shattered the mold of what a radio DJ should be.  Today, even as he has matured, he has stayed true to his core brand “promises” no matter what.

There are many new technologies that make building your brand easier than ever before. Keep the brand-building tactics that follow in mind, and you may someday be a “king” in your own right!

You build your personal brand every day by the actions you take. Craft your brand to how you want others to see you, and you’ll begin to “act like your brand.”

If you’re not actively managing your brand and reputation, you leave them to chance. Make brand and reputation management part of your everyday life.

It’s okay for your brand to evolve as long as it stays true to your core values. Many people have slammed Howard for “changing.” He entertained people based on his core values of honesty and loyalty, and as long as he stays true to those values, his brand will successfully evolve.

Traditional methods of building a brand were often unapproachable for individuals and small companies. This is no longer the case. Traditional media has been transformed so that the highly accessible complements to traditional media outlets that build brand awareness are available. Blogs, social media, e-books, online videos, and podcasts are the new tools for building brands, and they are readily available to everyone.

Authenticity drives success in brands. Don’t be afraid to expose or even highlight your shortcomings. People will respect and trust you more if you don’t claim to be perfect or all things to all people. There are areas where you suck—your audience knows it, and you know it. Sell them on your strengths, and they can overlook your weaknesses.

Jamie Troia is President of Greystack Digital Marketing and author of Stern Rules!