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Hubspot Alternatives – Landing Pages, Social, SEO and Hosting

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This is part 3 of our deep dive into tools that provide an alternative to Hubspot. Landing Pages The folks over at Copyblogger have created a tool called Premise which makes creating landing pages in WordPress dead simple.  Not only does Premise make creating landing pages easy, it also contains a site membership component that…

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Hubspot’s Social Inbox – What is it?

Today Hubspot released a new component of their Inbound Marketing Suite called “Social Inbox”.  The next logical question is “What is a Social Inbox?”  The short answer is that it is a mash-up between your leads, contacts and their social media interactions.  For those of us that are users of Nimble CRM, this is not…

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Personal Branding the Howard Stern Way

In the book Stern Rules, I spend a great deal of time talking about the tools and tactics that Howard Stern has used to develop his personal brand and what you can do to help build your own using online marketing tactics. Howard spent more than thirty years in radio building a brand that shattered…

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Unseating the King of All Media through Social Media

Howard Stern is considered by many of his fans to be a “regular” guy who had a voice in the media and grew his audience slowly and systematically. Now that social media and social networks give anyone a voice and access to millions of potential listeners, the playing field has leveled. We’ll see more and…

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