I Don’t have the Time to Motivate You….

Hiring a self-motivated staff is one of the most important things you can do as a business leader. Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, says that the companies that achieve the highest levels of performance focus on finding the right people before anything else. They build their team even before defining their business…

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How Are You Not Using Growth Driven Design?

Hello Mr. Prospect, this post is directed towards you.  You’re thinking about doing a website redesign huh?  That’s really great, your site is getting a little long in the tooth.  That image slider was super cool… 36 months ago. A Very Common Mis-Step Here’s a common mis-step I see from companies like yours time and…

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Hubspot Alternatives – Landing Pages, Social, SEO and Hosting

Hubspot SEO Social

This is part 3 of our deep dive into tools that provide an alternative to Hubspot. Landing Pages The folks over at Copyblogger have created a tool called Premise which makes creating landing pages in WordPress dead simple.  Not only does Premise make creating landing pages easy, it also contains a site membership component that…

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Howard Stern, Honesty, and Reality Programming

Howard Stern has used honesty as his rallying cry, as his shelter from censorship, and as the basis for his media empire. “I’ve always been honest. One thing about—You don’t have to like my radio show. There are those that like it and there are those that hate it. But one thing anyone who’s ever…

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Hubspot Alternatives – CMS, Blog and Email

Hubspot CMS

In our first deep dive into tools that could be used as Hubspot alternatives, we are going to take a look at the CMS and blogging platform as well as the email marketing tools. CMS and Blogging Alternative A content management system and blogging platform is the foundation of your website.  With a content management…

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Hubspot Alternatives – The Deep Dive

Recently I broached the subject of piecing together Lower Cost Hubspot Alternatives.  I was curious about what it would take to replace Hubspot’s centralized marketing software by combining some best-of-breed digital marketing tools that excel at performing a smaller subset of the complete Hubspot feature set. For example, Hubspot’s marketing platform offers an integrated platform…

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Build the Right Team Around You

We’ve lately been talking a lot about building your team.  Building a team is HARD.  When you are part of a small company, it’s like finding a mate.  It takes a while.  Picked people who share your passion and that you like. The following principles will help you build a team that you can hold…

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Don’t Hire a Fa-Fa-Flunky – Find Out Who Your Hiring

If you’re looking for team members who will “run through walls for you” and do whatever it takes to get a job done, measure them on multiple criteria and across a spectrum of skills. If you are not a master at analyzing personality traits, a formal personality evaluation, something like Myers Briggs, helps to keep…

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Hire Slow, Fire Fast, Fart Often.

Sometimes, it’s easier to attach an ROI to your Facebook cat photos than it is to properly identify the people who will help make your business a success. You have to be able to reliably match what is important to you and the organization with what is important to the prospective employee. For example, if…

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Even Phone Sex Operators Need to Take Pride in Their Work

As an outsider looking in on The Howard Stern Show, It seems that once your role is established and you know the responsibilities of that role, you’re expected to perform at a high level. Howard apparently adopted the philosophy that if you had taken on the responsibility of doing a job, and someone was willing…

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Hubspot Costs – Training and Content

Hubspot Training Costs

We’ve covered how we calculate the monthly costs of Hubspot by combining the costs of Hubspot service package with the costs associated with you contact database in Hubspot, but we’re not quite finished with your Hubspot total cost of ownership equation (sorry!). Inbound Success Training from Hubspot or From Partners Hubspot’s start-up costs start at…

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Hubspot Costs – The Contact Database

Hubspot Costs Contact Database

In our first post about Hubspot Costs, we explored the first element to consider when calculating your cost of Hubspot ownership and that was the package level. Once you have determined the functions and features you’ll need, the next thing you need to calculate is the cost associated with maintaining your Hubspot Contact Database. This…

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How Much Does Hubspot Cost – True Cost of Ownership

Hubspot Package Costs

How much does Hubspot Cost?  That’s a question that we get all the time and as often is the case when asking technology and marketing questions, the answer is “it depends”.  Hubspot has a pricing model that incorporates three primary elements into the mix to ultimately determine the price of your Hubspot software. The three…

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Interns Bring a Youthful Vibe (and sometimes Great Legs!)

Since it is Memorial Day week and there are a lot of people off from work.  We thought we’d take a break from our Hubspot Reviews Analysis and go back to Stern Rules! for some lighter reading.  At the Howard Stern Show, the trend of hiring self-motivated, enthusiastic staff, with little regard for experience, started…

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Lower Cost Alternatives to Hubspot

Looking for Hubspot’s competitors?  I’m wondering if you are looking because of Hubspot’s pricing or because Hubspot’s features don’t fit your needs?  We have a plan for you if your looking for Hubspot Discounts. If you like the features of Hubspot but can’t quite commit to the price tag, well frankly, we think you’re probably…

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