Hubspot Costs – Training and Content

Hubspot Training CostsWe’ve covered how we calculate the monthly costs of Hubspot by combining the costs of Hubspot service package with the costs associated with you contact database in Hubspot, but we’re not quite finished with your Hubspot total cost of ownership equation (sorry!).

Inbound Success Training from Hubspot or From Partners

Hubspot’s start-up costs start at $300 which covers your Inbound Success Training for Hubspot’s basic package.  As you increase your package to professional and enterprise, your commitment to training must go up as well.  Your entry point for Inbound Success Training for the two higher levels of the Hubspot software is $2,000.  That training can be conducted by Hubspot or by a Hubspot certified agency like Greystack Digital Marketing.

Take your edition costs and your monthly contact database size costs and throw them out the window.  Even though in many cases your training and coaching costs are dwarfed by the software costs, these are in many cases your most important financial commitment. 

This is not sales speak, this is reality.  It doesn’t matter if you decide to foot the bill for another $4,800 each year in Hubspot fees to get A/B testing from the Enterprise edition.  If your team can’t execute an inbound marketing campaign effectively it’s not going to matter if you had a/b/c/z testing capabilities, you’re not going to be successful.

There are two things that you’re going to need from Hubspot or a partner when it comes to training efforts, knowledge transfer and coaching.  The fundamentals of the Hubspot software will be transferred to you or your staff early in the process and Hubspot’s online training resources are excellent.

The process of coming up with a strategy, developing customer personas, creating content around those customer personas, and executing campaigns to drive prospects through the sales funnel is what takes time and effort.  Hubspot coaching is often the only way SMB’s can get Hubspot in place because weekly or bi-weekly check-ins with a coach keep your plans on track and help ensure your inbound marketing success.

 Hubspot Pricing Round-up

The three elements of Hubspot costs are straight forward and easy to figure out with a little effort.  What’s hard to do is inbound marketing.  Hubspot makes inbound marketing mush easier than it has ever been in the past, but make no mistake, turning your company into a content generating machine takes effort, probably more effort than you ever suspected.

Our advice has always been to layout your top ten priorities when it comes to your first year of inbound marketing to help you determine which level of the Hubspot software is required to meet your goals.  Make sure your team is well trained, and make sure that there is an inbound marketing expert, it doesn’t matter if that’s an internal resource or a professional inbound coach or trainer to ensure that your campaigns and overall strategy are kept on track.
Jamie TroiaJamie Troia is President of Greystack Digital Marketing and author of Stern Rules!