If you don’t have video, you don’t have nuthin’

Of all the shifts in media, I rank video content is the biggest game changer. Never before could video producers have instant access to millions of users within minutes of completing their content. Websites like YouTube allow people to post video content onto a platform that has become the web’s second-largest search engine.

Video Camera

(Photo credit: pursuethepassion)

Couple that with easy access to video creation tools and you have the makings for a huge wave that will come crashing down on top of anyone who is not riding it like a stripper rides the Sybian in Howard Stern’s studio.  Companies create online commercials explaining exactly what they do and how they do it.

Netflix, a company that found success by focusing on sending and receiving DVDs from subscribers, now provides access to its content built into millions of devices and is now creating its own custom programming. It is in essence creating its own television network on the Internet.

Hulu and others are following suit.  There’s much more to explore here.  Stay tuned.

Jamie Troia is President of Greystack Digital Marketing and author of Stern Rules!