Building a Brand

Make a Commitment to Your Audience

It took Howard Stern more than ten years to build his radio audience to the point where a company like Simon and Schuster felt that he was bankable and could publish his first book, Private Parts. Even getting an endorsement from what many would consider to be the most influential publisher in the world didn’t cause…

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Do you have an Authentic Voice Online?

Although social media platforms are extremely powerful communication devices, there are rules that, if not followed, will likely have you talking to yourself instead of a legion of raving fans. Make no mistake—the ability to create that legion of fans is real and infinitely achievable provided that you go about in the right fashion and…

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Unseating the King of All Media through Social Media

Howard Stern is considered by many of his fans to be a “regular” guy who had a voice in the media and grew his audience slowly and systematically. Now that social media and social networks give anyone a voice and access to millions of potential listeners, the playing field has leveled. We’ll see more and…

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What if there was a Howard Stern Podcast – 60 years ago.

We recently started talking about the many tools that are now at your disposal that can help you build your brand or your kingom.  We started comparing these new tools with the platforms that they have ostensibly replaced.  In today’s world of iTunes and podcasts, we talk about what is sure to be Howard’s favorite…

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Howard Stern Worked His Ass Off – You Need to Too

Howard worked his ass off to get where he is.  To achieve success, there are not many shortcuts.  There are however advances that have made building an audience more accessible to everyone.  There has never been more tools to build a personal brand than there are today. Networking, blogs, and social media sites have given…

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