The Hubspot Review You’ve Been Waiting For

Imagine a cloud based platform that takes virtually every important element of being online, generating business online, and continuously improving your presence online and puts it all in one place.  Sound interesting?  Well that’s goal the people at Hubspot have been working on for more than six years now. To say that Hubspot has achieved… Continue Reading

Hubspot’s Social Inbox – What is it?

Today Hubspot released a new component of their Inbound Marketing Suite called “Social Inbox”.  The next logical question is “What is a Social Inbox?”  The short answer is that it is a mash-up between your leads, contacts and their social media interactions.  For those of us that are users of Nimble CRM, this is not… Continue Reading

Do you have an Authentic Voice Online?

Although social media platforms are extremely powerful communication devices, there are rules that, if not followed, will likely have you talking to yourself instead of a legion of raving fans. Make no mistake—the ability to create that legion of fans is real and infinitely achievable provided that you go about in the right fashion and… Continue Reading

Unseating the King of All Media through Social Media

Howard Stern is considered by many of his fans to be a “regular” guy who had a voice in the media and grew his audience slowly and systematically. Now that social media and social networks give anyone a voice and access to millions of potential listeners, the playing field has leveled. We’ll see more and… Continue Reading

If you don’t have video, you don’t have nuthin’

Of all the shifts in media, I rank video content is the biggest game changer. Never before could video producers have instant access to millions of users within minutes of completing their content. Websites like YouTube allow people to post video content onto a platform that has become the web’s second-largest search engine. Couple that… Continue Reading

I read blogs, not the New York Times.

When I was a kid, it seemed like there was a new TV show every week about a young, upstart journalist who wanted to make it as a newspaper reporter. Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane in Superman were rehashed over and over. Today, Lois Lane would probably have a blog called and be building… Continue Reading

Howard Stern Worked His Ass Off – You Need to Too

Howard worked his ass off to get where he is.  To achieve success, there are not many shortcuts.  There are however advances that have made building an audience more accessible to everyone.  There has never been more tools to build a personal brand than there are today. Networking, blogs, and social media sites have given… Continue Reading

My Stern Superfan Story

In order to set the tone for all the content that is about to come, I thought that it would make sense to kick-off with my first (and thus far only) Howard Stern Superfan Story. I’ve listened to Howard since I was in high school when I’d listen to his show in a ’72 Nova… Continue Reading

Becoming the King of All Media.

Howard Stern is the King of All Media. The title not only suits him but has become synonymous with him. I’ve never heard anyone else refer to himself using that title. It’s Howard’s, he owns it, and it’s a good title in the world of show business. Let’s not forget that much of the beauty… Continue Reading

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