Sales and Marketing Alignment.

Many companies start their search for an online marketing agency thinking that they want to see more visitors to their websites.  BUT is that what you really want?

Not really, right? … Who really cares about how many visitors you had last month?  That’s kind of an old way of thinking.

What you want is NEW SALES!

It is true – Inbound Marketing is by far the BEST way to reach a new audience online; one that is interested in your products and services and, more importantly, one that is ready to buy.  Finding an Inbound Marketing Agency that knows how to get those newfound audiences to CLOSE is where Greystack separates itself from the rest.

What exactly does that mean?

At Greystack, we know how to get your Sales team and Marketing team to WORK TOGETHER to drive results!  It sounds crazy, but it’s true.  We deliver a comprehensive marketing solution that speaks to your dream buyer and then we train your sales team to deliver the best possible customer experience so that you close the most deals!

How do we do it?

We know that many sales people like to have as much information at their fingertips as possible before they even pick up the phone, but finding that business information takes research; and research takes time.  All those hours that your Sales team spends looking up information about their leads are hours that they are not spending SELLING!  At Greystack – we have solved this dilemma.

Using Hubspot, we make it possible to put a powerful CRM tool in the hands of each of your sales people, and the best part is that with SideKick Training, we make it possible for your sales to populate their sales funnel with real time, amazing, sales-ready business data.

We make it easy for your Sales Team to RESEARCH and CONNECT with your target audience and then we support them with REAL TIME BUSINESS DATA from all of your online marketing endeavors.

So what kind of magic data is this that you speak of?

You Sales team will be able to pre-populate their CRM with up-to-date business data like names, contact emails and mailing addresses with just the click of a button.  They will also be able to see how many times a prospect has visited your website, what they looked at while they were there, if they opened your emails, if they downloaded your proposal, if they’re on your website RIGHT NOW… and SO MUCH MORE.

This can all be delivered to your Sales team in a way that is seamless and easy for them to use; because let’s face it – if it’s not natural, they won’t use it.

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