Nimble CRM Implementations

Greystack Digital is one of the few companies selected to be part of the Nimble Social CRM Partner team.

Nimble is a social relationship management solution that expands on the traditional notion of customer relationship management by transforming your entire community into business opportunity. It does this by leveraging the best of customer relationship management, social media and communication tools to engage any individual no matter where they are talking.

Nimble elegantly combines contact management, activity management, sales and marketing automation, traditional and social media communication tools, and collaboration features into one affordable Web-based solution. Unlike bloated CRM systems, Nimble is designed for simplicity. Its easy-to-navigate interface is based on decades of practical relationship management experience and has been intentionally developed with intuitive screens to get you up and running easily, and to find business-critical information in a single mouse click.

With Nimble, the heavy lifting is done for you. Connect Nimble to any social network (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, IM, Skype and more) and Nimble will unify all your contacts and empower you to send or receive messages. It also automatically searches social media sites, identifies interested prospects and ranks those individuals according to their business potential. Once key information is identified, fully integrated collaboration tools allow you to share that information among those who need it most in order to accelerate sales, marketing and support processes. And as a Web-based solution, you can rest assured that your information is always accessible, no matter where you happen to be.

Nimble is designed to fit your needs. As an individual user, you will enjoy many of Nimble’s powerful features free-of-charge. As a small company, you can realize all of the benefits of Nimble’s product family for one low monthly subscription. And since Nimble is a Web-based solution, there are no costly IT infrastructures or yearly maintenance contracts – you simply import your contacts and you’re off and running.

In today’s social connected world, Nimble is simply the best way to grow your business.

Interested in Nimble for Personal Use?  Try it Free Here

Interested in Nimble for Business Use?  Try it Free Here


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