It Takes Dogged Determination to Maintain a Blog

Don’t have time to blog? It’s tough, we know.  We spend much of our time creating content for our clients so when our boss tells us its time to get a post up on the cool name blog, there is a collective groan heard across the office.  No one ever said that writing and maintaining a blog was going to be easy.  In fact, it takes determination and a faith that your work will ultimately pay off.  Of course, we always feel like we have a better excuse than most for our blog to be so thin in content – We are SO busy writing content for our clients, we couldn’t possibly have the time to write for our own blog too!

Well I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what your business is, it is your business that will get in the way of writing blog posts.  The unfortunate part about this whole thing of course is that no one, and I mean no one, can write a better clog for a business than the people that work in that business everyday.  Not Greystack, not Google, not the Huffington Post, not anyone.  Your business is unique and hiring even the best of writers will not get your message across on a consistent basis without some time commitment from your staff.  For example, we can create fabulous content for your blog, but we need access to your sales team, your mangers and your employees so that we can interview them and get a feel for what your company, your employees and your customers are all about.

We can do it, you can do it, the point is somebody’s got to do it in order to drive more traffic, leads and sales through your website.  A well-kept, informative blog is just another trust-marker on your site that makes your visitors comfortable that they are in the right place.