Copyblogger Content Management and Creation Tools

Copyblogger Media is a company that has long been at the forefront of the content marketing craze.  At its core, content marketing is one of the largest components of your comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.  As such Copyblogger’s mission has been to help you to create effective content, optimize that content so it can easily be found on search engines, then ensure that when the your content gets noticed, that you well positioned to build long term relationships with the people that find your content useful.  Greystack has an affiliate relationship with many of Copyblogger’s tools.

Copyblogger’s tool set includes the following tools that Greystack can help you to install, configure and implement in order to help you turn the web into your most productive salesperson.

Studiopress – Studiopress creates premium WordPress themes.  Their baseline product, Genesis is a “parent” theme that simplifies the development of WordPress sites and allows you to easily implement “child themes” that will change the look and feel of your website without changing the underlying content.  Get Studiopress.

 Scribe – Scibe is a keyword research and optimization tool that works both as a WordPress plug-in as well as a standalone product.  As you know, integrating keywords that are relevant to what your audience is searching for into your content is kind of important.  Scribe helps you uncover keywords that you can use to drive traffic and to optimize your content around those keywords.  Get Scribe.

 Premise – If Scribe is used to get people to your site, then Premise is used to make sure they come back.  Premise is a landing page creation tool that helps you to create offers on your website that look and sound so great, that your site visitors can’t help but give you their email address to get your stuff.  Once you have their email address, then you can tempt them back to your site by creating enticing follow-on offers via email campaigns.  Get Premise.

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