Hiring and Staffing

I Don’t have the Time to Motivate You….

Hiring a self-motivated staff is one of the most important things you can do as a business leader. Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, says that the companies that achieve the highest levels of performance focus on finding the right people before anything else. They build their team even before defining their business…

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Build the Right Team Around You

We’ve lately been talking a lot about building your team.  Building a team is HARD.  When you are part of a small company, it’s like finding a mate.  It takes a while.  Picked people who share your passion and that you like. The following principles will help you build a team that you can hold…

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Don’t Hire a Fa-Fa-Flunky – Find Out Who Your Hiring

If you’re looking for team members who will “run through walls for you” and do whatever it takes to get a job done, measure them on multiple criteria and across a spectrum of skills. If you are not a master at analyzing personality traits, a formal personality evaluation, something like Myers Briggs, helps to keep…

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Hire Slow, Fire Fast, Fart Often.

Sometimes, it’s easier to attach an ROI to your Facebook cat photos than it is to properly identify the people who will help make your business a success. You have to be able to reliably match what is important to you and the organization with what is important to the prospective employee. For example, if…

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Even Phone Sex Operators Need to Take Pride in Their Work

As an outsider looking in on The Howard Stern Show, It seems that once your role is established and you know the responsibilities of that role, you’re expected to perform at a high level. Howard apparently adopted the philosophy that if you had taken on the responsibility of doing a job, and someone was willing…

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Interns Bring a Youthful Vibe (and sometimes Great Legs!)

Since it is Memorial Day week and there are a lot of people off from work.  We thought we’d take a break from our Hubspot Reviews Analysis and go back to Stern Rules! for some lighter reading.  At the Howard Stern Show, the trend of hiring self-motivated, enthusiastic staff, with little regard for experience, started…

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