Let's face it.  Your blog is slowly dying.  I know it and you know it.

You know that creating useful content on a regular basis is critical for your website’s success, but still, somehow your blogging and content marketing strategy ends up a #FAIL.

You've been working on attracting more visitors to your website by blogging, so there are a couple of things you have probably realized by now:

1)      It takes real work and commitment to create relevant and useful content for your site visitors week in and week out.

2)      Finding the right person or people in your company to write for your blog on a regular basis is a huge challenge that often ends in stale, outdated blog content, and “good intentions” fallen by the wayside.


The good news is you are not alone.

Why is creating content such a challenge for thousands of companies? Companies that struggle week in and week out to keep their blog relevant and up to date?

.Why are there twice as many blogs that have written their “final” post as there are blogs that are starting fresh and new with the hope of attracting new visitors and customers?

Because writing blog posts every week is really hard and thinking of great, engaging topics is even harder!


How do you solve this problem?

It won’t matter if you have the next Walt Whitman on your staff, if you’re not creating content that your customers care about and that attracts people that are seeking your products and services, then you are simply wasting time and resources.

We want to help you revive your efforts or jumpstart your new content marketing strategy.

We have designed the best most comprehensive blog editorial coaching program anywhere for any price.

Here’s what you get from our program:

  • Monthly conference calls with your key stakeholders to identify trends, news, and topics related to your company or your industry.  Our writers have experience talking to engineers, marketers and CEO's!

  • A monthly blog editorial calendar that outlines the details of release dates, publish dates, suggested authors, targeted audience and calls to action to attract more leads.

  • 2 suggested blog post topics each and every week.  Every blog post abstract includes:

    • A magnetic, attention grabbing, optimized headline

    • 2-3 suggested external links with suggested keyword anchor

    • Up to two suggested internal links

Sounds too good to be true, how much?

You can get this phenomenal, professionally managed blogging execution and coaching program for just $375/week with a 6 month contract.  You're paying an insanely low price for a content planner, editor, and content marketing specialist.


Are You in a jam and need us to write some posts for you?  No Problem! Just say “I’m swamped this week, do it!” and we’ll get your optimized blog posts professionally written and up on your blog for you, with no questions asked.  And you'll be shocked at how affordable it is, we'll write your blog posts for only $80/post.

 We also have the "Just Write 'Em Program" - about half our clients choose this one.

Get 2 posts per week outlined and written for 6 months for just $13,800 – LESS than 1/3 the price of an editor, editorial calendar manager, and top notch writer.

Special Discount – 6 months of complete blogging services, 52 posts, with magnetic, keyword optimized headlines, relevant and interesting content for your typical site visitors, and internal and external links for $10,950 (One year contact required).

What are you waiting for, the success of your business depends on effective content marketing and you need to get it DONE.