The Biggest Secret to Online Success your Broker Doesn’t Want you to Know About

It has nothing to do with working with Zillow, or or Redfin or any online real estate play!

Failed Promises

You recognize that 85-90% of your business still comes from word-of-mouth, it comes from the relationships you’ve built, your referral network and your sphere of influence.


With most internet leads converting at 1-2% at best, where is the promise of more business through the internet that we were all promised?  Sometimes it feels like a lot more work than its worth.


But that doesn’t mean that being online and your online footprint doesn’t play an important role in your success.  The question is “What is important to my online marketing”

What Online Marketing Matters?

Does it matter if you’re one of three or four heads on a listing on a portal site?  Not really. Does it increase your personal brand awareness?  Not really.


What does matter is what happens when your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues tell their social circle that you’re the right agent to work with.


When your name, phone number and email gets passed on to “Aunt Jenny” what piece of information of those three is really most important?

Your Prospects Shop Just Like You

Well it comes down to this… 99 out of 100 times, before the phone gets dialed or an email is sent, Aunt Jenny is going to hop on her laptop or smartphone and search for you on Google.


It’s what happens next that’s a critical inflection point.


First off, if you don’t have a Google My Business profile, your name is going to be swimming around in a sea of search results that look about the same as the search results of 90% of the agents in this country. You might see your Zillow profile, a link to an agent site, and a bunch or other scattered links with loose references to your business.


Without a Google profile, your not leveraging one of the most powerful, free tools at your disposal to help you secure more business.  With a GMB profile, you’ll present Aunt Jenny with what amounts to a professionally designed, digital business card with easy access to your website, your smart phone and updates on all your recent activity.



So what can you do to really differentiate?

A Google My Business profile is the table stakes for establishing an online footprint.  But what takes a Google My Business profile from good to great?


In a word – reviews.  Positive Google reviews from real customers are a key to appearing in more search results and closing more business.


I know a lot of people (including your broker!) have been telling you that collecting reviews on Zillow is critical or that reviews are important or that the 3rd party review tool that your broker offers is important, but WHY is your broker NOT telling you that collecting reviews from the most powerful websites on the internet is a KEY to your continued success?


I’m here to tell you that Google and Facebook reviews are the only reviews that really matter. 


That without a LARGE AND GROWING collection of 4 and 5 star Google reviews, your fighting a losing battle online.


Here’s where the rubber meets the road...


Are you going to do it?  Are you going to setup your GMB profile, are you going to send out invitations to generate as many Google  reviews as possible.  Are you going to sift through reviews and make sure only the best, most positive reviews make in onto your profile while reaching out to people that are less than 4 star reviewers and convert them to loyal fans?


Once you have momentum, are you going to shift gears and start building up your library of positive Facebook reviews?


If you are then CONGRATULATIONS and job well done.


If not, then you need a tools to help you make the process more smoothly and some real people to help you manage your review and reputation management program.  And that’s exactly what we’re providing.

Easy to Use and Implement, with One Key Ingredient

Our easy to use tool helps you to request reviews, follow-up with customers who have yet to create a review and maybe most importantly...


It helps you to identify people may have otherwise given you a poor review and help to turn them around before your online reputation or overall review score takes a significant hit.


Yes, we can take control of this process for you and help you get infinitely more traction on Google and Facebook. 

Sounds Good, What Next?

Our program costs less than a well run open house each month and it will help you to build your personal brand online better than spending thousands each month on sites like Zillow and, there is one catch however... In order to manage our growth, we're only working with a limited number of agents. If you would like more information about this program, please complete the form below and we'll reach out to you when space opens up in your area.

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