Convert Leads to Customers

Our take on conversion is simple.  When your prospects are ready to raise their hand and ask for assistance, we make sure that your company is there and ready to spring into action.

By providing numerous means for customers to connect with your sales team, along with tools to help sales team members identify which prospects are most actively searching for your product, Greystack Digital will help you

Sales don't always happen during the first visit to a website or even a second visit.  Some sales take longer than others.  Greystack helps put the tools in place so that you can continue your online "conversation" with your customer without having to do all the "heavy lifting" .  Here are some of the Conversion tools we can help you implement:

  • Email lead nurturing –Understand the stage in the sales cycle different prospects are in and target your message to their mindset.  We create sophisticated, multi-step email marketing campaigns that move your prospects through the sales cycle.  We also help you “grade” your leads so that you know which leads deserve the most attention
  • Package offers in new and exciting ways.  We setup multiple contact methods (email, phone, mail) to ensure you connect with prospects at the right time.
  • Create compelling offers to introduce your product or service (Freemiums, etc)

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