Welcome to the New Purchase Economy

Consumers of all goods big and small conduct significant research on the web prior to contacting service or product providers,

Because you are capturing your customers further down the sales funnel, your message needs to be clear, concise, relevant and different.

Prospects are hungry for product expertise and unique positioning.

Our goal as marketers is to help you engage these prospects in the like-trust-share (LTS) cycle


Sharing Starts with you putting forth genuine and legitimate effort to uncover what kinds of informational resources your customer base is seeking then creating those resources

Once you have done your best to create those resources, then you focus on building like and trust

How do you build like and trust?

Give them a refined, simple, and authentic experience when they interact with you in the digital world.

There are like and trust markers that every consumer looks for on every website.  Without a majority of these markers, they will continue to seek out your competition

The first foundational elements of like and trust online

  • Do you appear high in Google rankings for the terms that I most associate with the products and services you are offering?
  • Does your website have a clean, modern design reflective of something I see on the highest profile sites on the internet?
  • Do you utilize video to explain products and services that might otherwise require a long winded written explanation?
  • Does your website have useful information that goes above and beyond that of your competition?
  • Does your site exhibit testimonials of people with problems like mine who have utilized you to solve those problems?

Once the first foundational elements are in place, your website should be getting TRAFFICKED

Once foundational trust is established, sharing begins

You will ask your site visitors to share a base level of information about themselves so that you can share a depth of information to them not covered on your base website. Usually you will ask for a name and email.

Once the sharing begins, you continue to prove your expertise by providing valuable information during the sales process.

This includes online interactions

  • Email communications
  • Social Media Communications

The new economy dictates that if well done and well promoted, you will be found online.

Well Done Means Quality Content. Well promoted includes things like:

  • Analyzing and Using the Right Keywords
  • Creating Topic specific landing pages to allow your prospects to zero in on their needs
  • Promoting your well done content on social media
  • Utilizing Paid Search to Jumpstart Marketing
  • Continuously improving your website using the fundamentals of  growth driven design and ensuring that its search engine friendly according to the rules of Google.

Once you do all these things, people will find you and begin to identify like and trust markers on your website.

We have a simple four step approach for leveraging inbound marketing tactics for our Customers.