What is Greystack Digital Marketing? Ah yes, a question passed down from generation to generation...

At Greystack we help you turn the web into your most productive salesperson. And who wouldn't love to take their most productive salesperson and tell them they've been replaced by a magical box that generates business 24x7!

Of course we know that (real, live) salespeople play an important role in any company's growth, but if you're not leveraging the web to give your sales team better, more qualified customer leads, then we should talk.

Most often, Greystack serves as either your company's virtual digital marketing team, providing a soup-to-nuts approach, or as your company's Lead Inbound Marketing Strategist and Inbound Marketing Coach. Two roles we play equally well.

Sure, you probably have a website, but we're guessing it's not doing everything you hoped it would when you launched it!

Why “Greystack”?

People often ask us “What is Greystack?”
The answer can be found in the history of cards and gaming. Many years ago, the color of the poker chip with the highest value was always blue. It was shortly after that when the phrase transferred to the investment world and the best most valuable companies became “blue chip” companies.
In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s many casino’s in Las Vegas made a $5,000 chip, which was the highest denomination available. These chips, were very often “grey” in color. If you had a stack of these grey chips, it usually meant that you were doing well.
So when someone asked us if we wanted the company to be a “blue chip” company, our response was, no we want it to be a “grey stack“!

The rest is history.